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Our factory is located in the hometown of Chinese wire mesh, AnpingCity, Hebei Province,a historic industrial beautifultown.The people here are hardworking and simple. Since the Ming Dynasty, our ancestors began to weave wire mesh in the family workshop.After several hundred years of development , wire mesh processing has already achieved mechanization and modernization.

የእኛን ሥራዎች

የቅርብ ጊዜ ፕሮጄክቶች

ተደጋጋሚነት የንግድ ሞዴል ሸራ የገበያ ቆንጥጠው ቅዱስ grail ተከታታይ የሆነ የገንዘብ. የአክሲዮን ትኩረት ስኬት በመጠምዘዝ ገበያ አጋርነት የገንዘብ.

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