About Us

Our factory is located in the hometown of Chinese wire mesh, Anping City, Hebei Province,a historic industrial beautiful town.
The people here are hardworking and simple. Since the Ming Dynasty, our ancestors began to weave wire mesh in the family workshop. After several hundred years of development , wire mesh processing has already achieved mechanization and modernization.

Our company has a specialized wire mesh manufacturing, sales and after-sales team, and has been engaged in the production and export of wire mesh products for more than 20 years. We focus on developing and serving foreign markets, and 95% of our wire mesh products are exported to foreign countries. We have a deep understanding of the needs of foreign markets, and know how to cooperate and assist foreign customers to accurately select the products that suit their requirements very well. We have strict production system: from raw material selection, to professional weaving, quality control, packaging and transportation, the entire production process is standardized, the production cycle is compact, and transportation is timely. Our team is high quality and efficient, maximizing your time and reducing your costs. In the past decades, we have assisted foreign clients to complete many major projects and projects with high-quality products and efficient services. We have also established long-term and stable cooperation with some multinational companies and accumulated rich experience.

Our main products include: wire mesh machines and accessories, perforated metal mesh, wire mesh deep processing products, wedge wire, decorative mesh, crimped mesh, expanded mesh, polyester mesh, etc. Products are widely used in petroleum, aviation, construction, chemical, decoration, mining, paper, sewage treatment and other fields.

We will make your demand as our effort direction.

General Manager of STERLING WIRE MESH AND BELT FACTORY Ms. Lisa, warmly welcomes buyers from all over the world and regions, users of wire mesh products to contact us, your email, one of your call, your simple 'Hello' in the chat tool,will set up a bridge for our communication.

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