• Purpose of punching plate

    Punching plates are also known as punching nets, perforated plates, perforated plates, mine screens, machine screens, etc. As the name implies, it refers to metal plates with various shapes and holes on the surface. Products are widely used in chemical machinery, pharmaceutical equipment, food an...
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  • {Customized Wire Mesh Manufacturers}What are the classifications of stainless steel wire mesh?

    Stainless steel wire mesh is used for sieving and filtering under acid and alkali environmental conditions. It is used as a mud mesh in the petroleum industry, in the chemical and chemical fiber industry, as a sieve, filter, and electroplating. Stainless steel wire mesh product classification: 1...
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  • hoose 316 stainless steel mesh or 304 stainless steel mesh

    Stainless steel wire mesh can be divided into 316 stainless steel mesh and 304 stainless steel mesh according to the material; Advantages of 316 stainless steel mesh: Because 18Cr-12Ni-2.5Mo is added with Mo, its corrosion resistance, atmospheric corrosion resistance and high temperature strengt...
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  • The importance of regular maintenance of barbed wire fences

    Barbed wire fence is an isolation fence (material: low carbon steel wire) with a surface treatment of galvanization (zinc) or hot coating plastic. Does the barbed wire fence need to be maintained for a certain number of years? Because it is often unavoidable to be washed by rain, it will be corro...
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  • Precautions for barbed wire fence transportation

    Precautions for barbed wire fence transportation Barbed wire fence, netting Before loading the car, you must pay attention to whether the surface of the car is flat and whether it is mixed with other goods. If there are the above two situations, you must take protective measures, because the edge...
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  • Modern craftsmanship of barbed wire fence

    A net made of iron wire. A kind of net-like obstacle, fixed on piles with barbed or non-barbed wire, used military to stop enemy infantry, vehicles, etc., can also be used to protect restricted areas, warehouses and construction sites. Punching category. This is a type of barbed wire fence made ...
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  • Precautions for installation of barbed wire fence

     STERLING WIRE MESH AND BELT FACTORY Ms. Lisa   Remind you:Precautions for installation of barbed wire fence 1. Foundation specification for barbed wire fence installation Foundation technical specifications In terms of the main installation, China guarantees a stable and comprehensive use value...
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  • Construction technology of each wire mesh process

    Barbed wire is mainly used to slow down the movement of infantry and vehicles. It is divided into two types: fixed and mobile. The fixed barbed wire fence is constructed with barbed wooden stakes and iron wires; the mobile barbed wire fence is mass-produced by the factory and transported to the b...
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  • Wire fence construction tutorial

    Iron wire fence net is a kind of safety fence made of iron wire (usually Q235 low carbon steel wire) for secondary processing. It is drawn from a wire rod into a thinner wire (cold drawn wire), and then the wire is welded to form a large welding machine (that is, what we commonly call a wire mesh...
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