Mining wire mesh machine

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  • Mining wire mesh machine: This machine is simple, easy to master technology, automatic sewing machine, made out of mesh formation, machine failure less reliable, easy maintenance, suitable for all types of businesses. The aircraft compiled screen for coal Artificial Roof, saving galvanized wire, safety index has reached the national standard, diameter wire as a trace, this network is not easy to pull and so on. China's coal industry has become the focus of the implementation of new technologies.
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    The main technical parameters:

    I. Dimensions: Length: 3500mm Width: 2600mm height: 1800mm

    Second, the maximum working platform: 1300mm

    Third, the maximum weaving width: 1200mm

    Four, weaving maximum diameter: 25mm-650mm

    Five, weaving the largest diameter: 4.0mm

    Six, weaving Minimum diameter: 1.0mm

    Seven, power: 4KW / Taiwan 0.12KW / Taiwan

    Eight, Productivity: 60 natural m / h

    Nine, total weight: 1.5T

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