• How to choose filtermesh?

    Filtermesh is abbreviated as filter mesh, which is made of metal wire mesh with different meshes. Its function is to filter the molten material flow and increase the resistance of the flow, so as to filter out mechanical impurities and improve the effect of mixing or plasticizing. Metal edging fi...
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  • How to choose perforated filter disc

    Perforated mesh filter discs are corrosion resistant. We are the hometown of wire mesh. The products rely on the advantages of the local wire mesh product resources. Perforated mesh filter discs and high-tech deep processing. The manufactured stainless steel filter elements are the key to the com...
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  • Perforated plate exquisite craft

    The original name of the perforated plate is punching plate, which is a plate obtained by punching holes in plates of different materials. Perforated plate material: Stainless steel plate, low carbon steel plate, galvanized plate, PVC plate, cold rolled coil, hot rolled plate, aluminum plate, cop...
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  • Stainless steel mesh grille / steel grating is widely used in various factories and engineering projects in the world.

    The mesh grid is also known as a steel grid plate. The mesh grid is cross-arranged with flat steel at a certain distance and crossbars (twisted square steel, square steel, round steel, flat steel, etc.), and welded into a square A kind of steel products made of lattices. Steel gratings are mainly...
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  • Constant speed torque winding machine / automatic winding machine

    Constant speed torque winding machine / rewinding machine, this kind of winding tension is stable and the winding is uniform. While the equipment is winding, the operator can perform the next loading and unloading, reducing the winding cycle and improving efficiency. The winding machine can compl...
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  • Barbed wire has left its mark on Tehachapi and throughout the West

    Conflict between ranchers competing for the same grass, water and other resources was inevitable, and when farmers began acquiring land to grow crops and needed to exclude free-ranging cattle, problems escalated and the so-called “Range Wars” began. More than 800 different patents for...
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  • Teach you the types of fence posts

    Teach you the types of fence posts

    The types of fence post are roughly divided into the following types: 1. Round pipe fence post-The fence pipe connection accessories are welded on both sides of the round pipe column, which is the side ear we often say. Convenient link for anti-theft screws. This column is suitable for bilateral ...
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  • Barbed wire fence

    Barbed wire fence

    Barbed wire fences can also be called: Dutch nets, bullpen nets, wire fence nets, barbed wire fences, etc. It is drawn from wire rods into thinner wire (cold drawn wire), and then welded into the wire through a large welding machine (known as the wire mesh sheet). It is connected with various col...
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  • Understanding Nichrome Wire Mesh

    Understanding Nichrome Wire Mesh

    Nickel-chrome wire mesh is also known as nickel-chromium alloy wire mesh, nickel-chromium alloy wire mesh, nickel-chromium alloy wire mesh, and nickel-chromium alloy filter net. The main chemical composition of nickel-chromium wire is nickel and chromium, and the shape is silk, so it is called ni...
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