• Wire mesh information

    What’s wire mesh? Wire mesh is a name of all kinds of wire and wire mesh products, using chemical fiber, silk, metal wire etc , produced by certain weaving process, mainly used for ”screening, filtering,printing,strengthening,guarding,protection”. Broadly speaking ,wire means wire made by metal,o...
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  • We can produce and supply various security mesh

    We can produce and supply various security mesh, garden fencing, expressway fence and wire mesh fences, also fencing panels, fencing posts, doors and fencing accessories. We can provide the most suitable and ideal solution for the fencing needs of our customers by developing and designing fences...
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  • How to Perforate Sheet Metal

    How to Perforate Sheet Metal Sheet metal is usually defined as metal that is formed into thin and flat pieces. Perforated sheet metal refers to metal sheets with multiple holes, such as the strainer covering your sink drain. Perforating metal is usually necessary to allow air, water and sound wav...
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