Barbed wire fence

Barbed wire fences can also be called: Dutch nets, bullpen nets, wire fence nets, barbed wire fences, etc. It is drawn from wire rods into thinner wire (cold drawn wire), and then welded into the wire through a large welding machine (known as the wire mesh sheet). It is connected with various columns. It forms a beautiful and generous barbed wire fence with high protection performance. Due to its excellent characteristics, it is easy to install and is widely used in highways, railways, airports, stadiums, prisons, breeding, orchard protection and other fields
After various surface treatments, the wire mesh fence has greatly enhanced its product performance and longer service life. Surface treatment mainly uses: anti-corrosion treatments such as galvanizing, dipping, spraying. So that the product has good anti-aging, anti-sun, corrosion resistance and other characteristics.

Warehouse barbed wire fence

Diverse, beautiful and elegant, according to the color matching can be consistent with the local landscape. It has high safety performance coefficient and good anti-climbing ability. The mesh connection method adopts galvanized anti-theft screw connection to effectively prevent man-made destructive disassembly. Four horizontal bending ribs increase the strength of the mesh.

Trapezoidal column barbed wire fence


Low carbon steel wire

Welded with 3-5mm thick low carbon steel wire.
Mesh 50x150mm 50x200mm mesh for bending, not only to achieve beautiful appearance, but also to increase impact resistance
The pillars are made of trapezoidal columns with an upper side of 5cm and a lower side of 8cm.
The products are all hot-dip galvanized by high-quality polyester powder electrostatic spraying, and adopt the international popular RAL color.
Preparation method:
Welded from low carbon steel wire.
Connection method:
The hot-dip galvanized clip is used to fasten the mesh and connected with stainless steel anti-theft screws.
Surface treatment:
Cold galvanized, hot galvanized, electrostatic spray, hot dip plastic treatment.
1. It has the characteristics of beautiful, practical, convenient transportation and simple installation. 2. High anti-damage performance, good rigidity, beautiful appearance, wide field of vision, easy installation, feeling bright and easy. 3. Appropriate bending creates the unique aesthetic effect of this product, and the surface can be treated with a variety of colors of dip plastic. With chassis uprights, installation only requires expansion bolts, which is very fast.
Railway closed network, living area fence, field fence, development area isolation network, power plant, garden, community and many other fields.

Our factory is located in the hometown of Chinese wire mesh, Anping City, Hebei Province,a historic industrial beautiful town.
The people here are hardworking and simple. Since the Ming Dynasty, our ancestors began to weave wire mesh in the family workshop. After several hundred years of development , wire mesh processing has already achieved mechanization and modernization.
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