Constant speed torque winding machine / automatic winding machine

Constant speed torque winding machine / rewinding machine, this kind of winding tension is stable and the winding is uniform. While the equipment is winding, the operator can perform the next loading and unloading, reducing the winding cycle and improving efficiency. The winding machine can complete the operations of winding, hooking, tapping, rotating pole, cross-groove, thread cutting, and alternating rotation, and only requires manual picking and unwinding.
1. Working principle of ring winding machine
Wrap the wire evenly on the wire storage ring first, and then wind the wire wound on the wire storage ring on the skeleton through the shuttle. The skeleton is driven by the servo motor to rotate, so that the wire is evenly arranged on the skeleton. , And then wrap the tape on the skeleton through the storage ring, and then wind it.
2. Analysis of winding tension
Through our continuous practice, it is found that in the entire process of winding, the wire is wound tightly and wound around the skeleton with appropriate force, which is the key to affecting the quality of the winding, so in the following we focus on the factors that affect the winding tension.
1. Grinding torque of the rotating part of the thread shuttle
2. The moment of inertia caused by the acceleration change of the part of the thread shuttle (including the wire wrapped around the thread shuttle).
The main part of the friction torque is generated by the tension mechanism, which prevents the pay-off movement of the bobbin and pulls the wire tight, resulting in winding tension.
Due to the influence of the winding annular surface and its deviation from the center position in the winding gear, even if the winding is performed at a constant speed, the movement speed of the bobbin is small and uniform, which generates an inertia moment caused by acceleration, which affects the winding tension. We use a cam to control the frictional tension on the winding machine to overcome the influence of the speed change. Practice has proved to have no effect, but the mechanism is complicated to make and adjust. It is not convenient to adjust the complex manufacturing. Through analysis of the tension, the design should consider:
1. Minimize the diameter of the winding gear and the bobbin. 2. The rotational inertia of the thread shuttle and its transmission components should be as small as possible. 3. The friction torque generated by the tension mechanism should be stable. 4. The starting and turning of the machine tool should be stable.
When winding the wire, the lead wire of the tap is always kept until the end of the winding operation, which not only saves the working time of loosening the tap wire, but also avoids the bad occurrence of winding the tap wire into the coil by mistake.
Angle rotation, the operator can choose any angle positioning, positioning is accurate and stable.
Tensioner, the operator can set tension parameters in the program to ensure that the tension of the coil is sensitive and stable during the winding process.
Connectable programs: simple and easy to learn, filled-in form programming, no need for professionals to operate, even the first time to use the Mite program can also be easily mastered. It can display: the rotation direction of the main shaft, the number of coils, angle, winding time, etc., when a fault occurs, it automatically prompts the content of the fault.Our factory uniform torque winding machine 32, 44, 48, 60 (Axle No.); 2700-6000Dimension; Diameter 0.03--1.25mm, designed for annealing and winding of stainless steel wire, copper wire and aluminum wire. It can be used in combination with annealing and wire drawing machines, or used for winding or separately for annealing purposes only. The uniform torque winding machine is also called a uniform moment rewinding machine, a take-up machine; a system with a constant tension winding that can operate at an adjustable uniform rate. Uniform wire winding is achieved. Features: The wire rewinding device uses linear guides and ball screws to ensure the accuracy of the winding displacement and the long working life of the machine; PLC control and the diameter of the metal wire, the number of turns of each layer, the winding layer can be preset For true fully automatic winding; even winding displacement and stable tension; suitable for winding stainless steel wire, copper and aluminum cables.

Another vertical winding machine in our factory machine is mainly used in annealing hard stainless steel wire which wire diameter is more than 1.5mm.Feature;wire coil neat, not throw cap, upload wire easily and save labor.     The utility model relates to a vertical winding machine used for winding large-scale hollow reactor coils, which comprises a main machine, a face plate and a vertical winding mould. The main machine only rotates without lifting, and the main machine drives the vertical winding mould to rotate together with the main shaft connected to it; An inner support ring with reinforced rigidity is provided around the middle of the inner cavity of the mold.  The inner support ring adopts a butt-type connection, and is self-centering when the mold stay and the positioning mold stay are deformed and pressed against it. The vertical winding machine is provided with a wire arrangement mechanism and a yarn winding mechanism, which are arranged beside the host machine, and receive the instructions of the control system to move up and down to realize the wire arrangement and yarn winding.  The glue dipping mechanism adopts thin glue dipping and multi-roll glue pressing method, which can better control the glue content of the glass yarn. The utility model has the advantages of simple and reasonable structure, automatic winding, yarn winding and dipping, etc. The mold has strong universality, good rigidity, easy assembly and disassembly, high product winding efficiency, uniform dipping, less resin sag, stable and reliable quality .  Main claim:  A vertical winding machine for winding large-scale hollow reactor coils, including a main machine (13), a flower plate (31) and a vertical winding mold (5) If the rotation does not go up and down, the host (13) drives the vertical winding mold (5) to rotate together with the main shaft (24) connected to it; the inner cavity of the vertical winding mold (15) is provided with an inner support ring (28) that strengthens the rigidity, The inner support ring (28) adopts a butt-type connection, and self-centers when the mold stay (22) and the positioning mold stay (27) are deformed and pressed against it by force. Headstand Wire Rewinding


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