Design of perforated aluminum veneer on the outer wall of Longping Building

At present, aluminum veneer is more used in curtain wall materials. With the popularity of perforated panel curtain wall, many consumers have begun to choose perforated aluminum veneer curtain wall as the main metal decoration material for indoor and outdoor walls. They have both environmental protection and high quality, but perforated aluminum veneer has many different surface treatments, and the materials of perforated curtain wall are different.
Perforated plate is to punch holes in plates of different materials.
Material: stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, iron plate, low carbon steel plate, copper plate, etc.
The second is divided by shape:
Can be divided into: perforated aluminum veneer curtain wall, modeling aluminum veneer (single and double curved modeling aluminum veneer), carved aluminum veneer, curved aluminum veneer, wrapped aluminum veneer (cylindrical aluminum veneer, square column aluminum veneer).
Process: Different metal plates are cut to the appropriate size and punched on a CNC punching machine.
Hole type: round hole, square hole, prismatic hole, triangular hole, pentagonal star hole, oblong hole, etc.
Perforated panels are widely used in real life. Perforated aluminum veneer curtain walls are suitable for various building interior and exterior walls, lobby facades, pillar decorations, elevated corridors, pedestrian bridges, elevator edging, balcony packaging, advertising signs, indoor special shapes Suspended ceiling, etc., can be made into various utensils, corrosion-resistant, durable. Can be made into kitchen supplies high temperature.
It can be divided into: powder sprayed aluminum veneer curtain wall: mainly used for indoor ceiling or indoor wall body, the price is favorable, but it can not be exposed to sunlight and rain; polyester sprayed aluminum veneer curtain wall: mainly used for indoor and outdoor ceiling and curtain wall decoration, Can withstand slight sun and rain, but can not be placed in polar weather for a long time. Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer curtain wall, mainly used for outdoor curtain wall aluminum veneer.

The perforated aluminum sheet skin surrounds the building and looks from the outside to the interior. The skin is the “picture” and the indoor space is the “bottom”. The brightness of the outdoor space is higher than the interior. The “picture” of the skin becomes the visual focus and changes with the light and the viewing angle. The openness of the architectural interface that can be felt is also different.

When looking from the indoor to the outdoor, the perforated aluminum sheet skin is “picture” and the outdoor is “bottom”. Since the brightness of the outdoor space is higher than the indoor space, the human eye will not consciously see the space with high brightness. Scene superposition processing can still fully experience the outdoor scenery.
The application of the night scene effect can be divided into two modes of internal light transmission and external lighting due to the different main light sources.

The effect of the night view of the internal light transmission is based on the same principle. After entering the night, the brightness of the indoor space is higher than that of the outdoor space. The relationship between the skin and the indoor and outdoor maps is interchanged with that during the daytime. The light passes through the perforated aluminum skin. At this time, the building emits soft light from the inside, which is lighter against the night.

Longping Hi-Tech is the top eight in the world’s agriculture. Recently, aluminum has been released. The office building project is designed to be a source of energy for scientific and technological office space. With multi-level staggered planning and the superposition of irregular shapes, the building is made of pure transparent glass. The facade integrates the landscape design into the building environment. Through the use of new materials and the theme concept of the facade, the use of new building technologies to create free and unlimited visual effects, echoing the industrial characteristics of Longping Hi-Tech, allowing technology to create more Imagine.

The design method of the outer wall is a glass curtain wall plus a perforated aluminum plate. The area of ​​the perforated aluminum plate is about 8,000 square meters, and the construction cost of the perforated aluminum plate is about 1,000 yuan per square meter. The application of perforated aluminum plate has the following problems, which need to be paid attention to:
1. The thickness of the perforated aluminum plate and the color of the surface layer are particularly important. The thickness must ensure safety. The surface color should not be gray, otherwise it is not enough to attract attention, and even feel that it will be a factory building;
2. Regularly perform external wall cleaning and skeleton maintenance;
3. The size of the perforation rate needs to be tested on site to ensure indoor lighting and the visual effect of looking out indoors;
4. Perforated aluminum plates can be perforated in combination with the company’s LOGO to highlight the corporate image;
5. Two-layer external wall structure。

Post time: Jul-16-2020

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