How to choose perforated filter disc

Perforated mesh filter discs are corrosion resistant. We are the hometown of wire mesh. The products rely on the advantages of the local wire mesh product resources. Perforated mesh filter discs and high-tech deep processing. The manufactured stainless steel filter elements are the key to the company’s product website. Because of this, editor It is necessary to focus on the explanation, so that everyone can focus on learning, so as to master more of their knowledge, perforating the mesh filter plate and being able to apply what has been learned to practice, and play its due role. Our company directly sells various specifications of filter cores, and the products have been well received by customers. The following is a detailed and specific introduction for you: the perforated mesh filter disc mainly uses stainless steel fiber sintered felt and stainless steel woven mesh warp Manufactured by the folding wave process, the stainless steel fiber sintered felt can be made into a multi-layer structure with a pore size ranging from coarse to fine. It has the characteristics of high porosity and high dirt holding capacity. However, the main filter material of the perforated mesh filter disc is a multi-layer stainless steel sintered mesh whose external dimensions can be processed according to user requirements. Perforated mesh filter discs are resistant to general acid, alkali and organic corrosion, and are particularly suitable for sulfur-containing gas filtration. It has the characteristics of high strength and good toughness. It is suitable for welding in a high-pressure environment, easy to load and unload, and can ensure stable filtration performance. Both have good filterability, both are suitable for high temperature environment filtration, can be used repeatedly after cleaning, and the filterability can reach more than 90.
Description of the main raw materials of stainless steel perforated mesh filter discs:
1. Stainless steel fiber sintered felt is a porous depth-shaped filter material made of stainless steel fibers through high-temperature sintering;
2. Stainless steel sintered mesh is a filter material made of three to seven layers of stainless steel woven mesh sintered in a sintering furnace under high temperature and high pressure;
3. Stainless steel woven mesh is made of stainless steel wire of various wire diameters by CNC woven mesh machine. The stainless steel perforated mesh filter disc is characterized by high strength, high temperature resistance, and can be reused. After use, the waste products can be completely returned to the furnace for smelting without secondary pollution.
Stainless steel mesh weaving method: twill weave, plain weave
Structure: Take double-layer stainless steel braided composite mesh as an example, one layer is the supporting layer, and the other is the working layer. The supporting layer (bottom net and lower net): the working layer (surface net, net) for support and protection is the actual filter layer. Number of meshes: Support layer: the number of meshes is relatively small, commonly used are 16 meshes, 18 meshes and 20 meshes.
Working layer: high mesh, small wire diameter, thin mesh surface, most of them are made of 304 material, and the mesh number is mostly between 30 mesh and 250 mesh.
Uses: Mainly used in industrial filtration of iron preparation plants, coal washing plants, petroleum and other enterprises. Process: According to the customer’s requirements, choose the upper and lower two layers of stainless steel screens of material, mesh, length, and width. After heating by the vulcanizing machine, the two layers of stainless steel screens are fixed together by rubber strips or plastic flat nets. Cover the ends and make hooks.
Perforated mesh filter disc with metal fiber
The structure of the filter element made of metal fiber perforated mesh filter disc has the following forms. Structural form Use characteristics Folded cylindrical type Large filtering area, high permeability, easy installation and use. The slim tube type is easy to clean and has low flow resistance. The disadvantage is that the amount of dirt is small.
It can be made into a frameless filter element (or general frame) to replace only the filter cartridge, saving manufacturing costs.
Flat disc type
It is composed of multiple sets of elements, which can further expand the filtration area and is suitable for the requirement of short residence time of the polymer in the filtration system.

Welcome to customize different materials / shapes / wrapping materials of wire mesh filter discs, various specifications of wire mesh filter disc
; We provide high quality wire mesh filter discs of various materials and sizes. A typical one is to punch a low-carbon steel wire mesh into a circular filter. The weaving method is plain, twill or plain Dutch and twill Dutch. We also provide welded multi-layer filler filters for rubber industry, plastic industry, petroleum industry and grain screening machines. Our high-speed cutting machines enable us to provide low prices in large and small quantities.
· Material: The material of the wire mesh filter disc is stainless steel wire mesh, phosphor copper wire mesh and brass wire mesh.

· Shape: The wire mesh filter disc has a variety of shapes, such as round, rectangular, oval, crescent and semicircular.

· Hemming material: copper-coated nickel, aluminum, stainless steel.

· Number of filter layers: one layer, two layers, three layers and multiple layers.

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