Perforated aluminum sheet meets the personalized call of commercial buildings

With the development of aluminum alloy hidden frame curtain walls, aluminum veneer curtain walls have also sprung up. With the use of aluminum alloy glass curtain walls, today, no matter in large cities or small towns, you will see a variety of colorful aluminum curtain wall projects. Make the high-rise buildings in our country more radiant and colorful, forming a variety of colors and materials to form a beautiful curtain wall pattern.

As a form of curtain wall, aluminum veneer curtain wall is mostly used as wall protection and non-lighting wall, instead of mosaic and general sandblasted outer wall.
As a kind of aluminum veneer curtain wall, aluminum veneer curtain wall has the advantages of light texture and good strength in the use of high-rise buildings. Because high-rise buildings are subject to various loads at all times, especially the wind pressure, mosaic The curtain wall material that is easy to fall off and the hardness is not strong will be deformed due to large wind pressure. High-rise buildings are used as curtain walls by large households, and aluminum veneer curtain walls are widely used because of their unique advantages.
All along, 3mm aluminum veneer has been used abroad as curtain wall material. In order to reduce the weight of the aluminum plate and increase the strength of the aluminum plate, my country adopts aluminum alloy plates, and often uses the aluminum plate pressed by the No. 21 anti-rust aluminum code LF21 as the curtain wall aluminum plate. The thickness of the aluminum plate is reduced from 3mm to 2.5mm, but the strength of the alloy is about twice as high as that of the pure aluminum plate.
Light material and good strength, these characteristics have made the production and application of aluminum veneer in my country have been rapidly developed in recent years. With the continuous development and improvement of production technology, equipment, management and application level.

It is widely used in modern life. We can see it in handicrafts, audio net covers and other objects. But more often it is still used in construction. Today I will show you the use of perforated panels in construction. At present, the building is becoming more and more intelligent, and the equipment room equipment is developing towards modernization and complexity, reducing pollution. More and more important, therefore, while reducing the noise of the equipment, it also puts forward higher and higher requirements on the sound absorption function of the wall and ceiling of the computer room. In order to make the interior wall surface meet the design requirements in terms of sound absorption, for example, it is necessary to fix the sound absorption wall panel on the interior wall surface through fixing members. The fixing parts in the prior art are fixed, so when they are used to fix the wall panel, the ability to adjust the error of the basic wall surface is poor, so that the verticality and flatness of the fixed wall panel have certain Of deviation.
The purpose of the new type is to improve the deficiencies in the prior art, and to provide a sound absorption that can have a certain degree of adjustment, which can effectively overcome the error of the verticality and flatness of the wall and ceiling, and fix the wall panel with high quality Wall fixings.
The purpose of the new type is that the sound-absorbing wall fixing member of the perforated aluminum plate realized in this way includes a wall fixing piece, a keel fixing piece and a keel connected to the perforated aluminum plate. The wall fixing piece is composed of a wall fixing part and an outer wall fixing part, which may be An integral piece is provided with a perforation on the plate body of the wall fixing part, used for piercing a self-tapping screw with an expansion bolt connected to the wall body in use, and provided on the plate body of the outer wall fixing part An oblong hole; the keel fixing member is a plate body, and an oblong hole is provided on one side of the plate body, the oblong hole is perpendicular to the oblong hole on the wall fixing member, and the two A connecting bolt is inserted in the oblong hole to connect the wall fixing piece and the keel fixing piece together;
The newly provided perforated aluminum plate sound-absorbing wall fixing parts, between the wall fixing parts and the keel fixing parts, are fixed by bolts with mutually perpendicular oblong holes provided on the respective fixing parts, and the fixing structure enables the keel fixing parts to be relative to the wall The body fixture can be adjusted within a certain range in the vertical direction and the horizontal direction, which can effectively overcome the deviation of the verticality and flatness of the wall and the ceiling, thereby fixing the perforated aluminum sound-absorbing wall panel with high quality.

Professional supply of perforated aluminum curtain wall, hexagonal punching plate, square hole stainless steel punching plate, galvanized mesh plate, metal perforated plate, etc. have good corrosion resistance, long service life, in outdoor environment, not easy to corrode and aging, At the same time, it shows that it is beautiful, so now many shopping malls, enterprises, institutions, etc. use decorative aluminum plates as exterior wall decoration materials;
The STERLING WIRE wire mesh supplier also supports the special design needs of OEM customers, and the processing is customized into various shapes. And the outer wall decoration perforated aluminum plate manufacturer’s plate is easy to install, and it can also be customized according to customer needs keel skeleton and edge board.

Post time: Jul-16-2020

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