Precautions for barbed wire fence transportation

Precautions for barbed wire fence transportation
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Before loading the car, you must pay attention to whether the surface of the car is flat and whether it is mixed with other goods. If there are the above two situations, you must take protective measures, because the edges and corners of the car or other goods will affect the PVC on the surface of the barbed wire fence. If necessary, a film should be laid on the surface of the carriage, or a spacer should be placed between other goods and the wire fence to avoid abrasion.

If there is a gap between the barbed wire fence and the car body, it must be filled with filler to avoid friction caused by the shaking of the car during driving.

When loading and unloading the fence, you must not throw it hard to avoid collisions between the edges and corners of the goods, which will cause the pvc on the surface of the wire fence to wear.


As one of the indispensable protective nets in urban greening, the wire fence really brings a lot of convenience to people. In particular, the wire fence with complete writing functions and good stability not only has a certain level of aesthetics, but also is more stable. It can protect the many flowers and lawns and other green plants inside, and create a fresh and natural living atmosphere for everyone.
A good atmosphere needs to be created by everyone. It is the duty of each of us to protect the wire fence. Trane wire mesh cheers everyone not to destroy it at will.

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