Teach you the types of fence posts

The types of fence post are roughly divided into the following types:
1. Round pipe fence post-The fence pipe connection accessories are welded on both sides of the round pipe column, which is the side ear we often say. Convenient link for anti-theft screws. This column is suitable for bilateral wire fences and frame fences for highway and railway protection.
2.Square pipe column — The side of the square pipe is welded with a fence net connection attachment stamped with flat iron, and the bottom of the column is welded with a flange to fix the column. Used for: bilateral wire fence net, frame fence net.
3. Peach-shaped column — there are bent grooves on both sides of the column to make it easy to catch the fence net and make it beautiful. It is suitable for triangle bending fence nets, mainly used in gardens and community protection.
4. Trapezoid column — The column itself is welded with trapezoidal tube, which greatly increases the life of the column and greatly enhances the aesthetic effect. It is suitable for bending mesh, bilateral mesh, frame fence, etc. It is mainly used for temporary protection of power plants, buildings, and industries.
5. Y-shaped column — This column is named because of its shape. The column adopts round pipe, square pipe, etc., and the top is welded into a Y-shape. The advantage of doing so is that it is not only beautiful, but also can be hooked with a razor wire on the bar to greatly enhance the safety performance of the barbed wire fence. Applicable to: airport, prison protection;
6. Dovetail Post — The welding of this post is simple, and the connection between the clip and the mesh is mainly used. Posts are suitable for Dutch nets, wave nets, fence nets, for temporary and simple protection


Comparison of bilateral fence net and double circle fence
Double-sided fence:
1. Structure: Cold-drawn low-carbon steel wire and PVC wire welded isolation fence mesh products are fixed to the steel pipe pillars with connection accessories.
2, weaving and characteristics: twisted and knitted, firm and beautiful.
3. Uses: The bilateral fence net has high strength, good rigidity, beautiful appearance, wide field of vision, easy installation, and bright feeling ..

Reasons for the deformation of the fence
The fence net will be deformed during use, mainly divided into normal deformation and abnormal deformation. Normal deformation is damage and deformation of the fence net under a strong external force for a long time. This is normal, because the fence’s bearing capacity is limited, abnormal deformation is the quality of the fence product is not up to standard, and it will appear under a small external force. Severely deformed.
How to guard fence, fence, fence
The anti-corrosion method of the fence net has a lot to do with the service life of the fence.Our company  The senior engineer said: Generally speaking, the service life of highway fence nets is about 10 years. Some small manufacturers without scale occupy the market at low prices. In order to reduce the cost of production isolation The grid is fully charged, and the service time is 3-4 years, which cannot meet the requirements.

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