Types and uses of metal decorative lines

Our factory is located in the hometown of wire mesh, Anping City, Hebei Province, a historic industrial town in China. Since the Ming Dynasty, our ancestors started weaving wire mesh in family workshops. After hundreds of years of development, wire mesh processing has been mechanized and modernized. The technical group of our company shares the types of decorative metal decorative lines: copper alloy lines, stainless steel lines, metal decorative lines, closing lines, blanking lines.
1. Aluminum alloy lines
Features: Aluminum alloy lines have the characteristics of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high rigidity. After the surface is anodized and colored, it has a variety of bright colors, good light and weather resistance, and its surface can also be coated with a strong and transparent electrophoretic paint film, which is more beautiful and applicable after coating.
Uses: Aluminum alloy lines can be used for decorative edge pressing and closing lines, as well as decorative painting and decorative mirror surface edge lines. Used as a frame or frame on billboards, light boxes, display boards, and indicator boards, and as the sealing line of some equipment on the wall or ceiling surface. Aluminum alloy lines are also used for trimming lines on furniture, sliding grooves for glass doors, and carpet closing lines.
2. Copper alloy lines
Features: The copper alloy lines are made of alloy copper, that is, “brass”, which has high strength, good wear resistance, no rust, and the surface is golden yellow after processing.
Uses: Copper alloy lines are mainly used for the separation lines of ground marble, granite, terrazzo, anti-slip lines for stair steps, carpet corner lines, decorative columns and decorative lines for high-end furniture.
3. Stainless steel lines
Features: Stainless steel lines have the characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance, water resistance, wear resistance, abrasion resistance, and weather resistance. The surface is as smooth as a mirror and has a good decorative effect. It is a high-grade decorative material.
Uses: Stainless steel lines are used for various decorative surface blanking lines, column corner closing lines, etc.
Metal decorative nets are representative of new building decoration materials. Many customers often have concerns about their safety when purchasing metal decorative nets.Will the metal decorative mesh be deformed after installation?

Our main products include: wire mesh machines and accessories, perforated metal wire mesh, wire mesh deep-processing products, wedge-shaped wire mesh, decorative mesh, curling mesh, expanded mesh, polyester mesh, etc. Products are widely used in petroleum, aviation, construction, chemical, decoration, mining, papermaking, sewage treatment and other fields. Among them, the metal decorative mesh is woven using a variety of weaving methods. No matter what type of metal decorative mesh has been tested in the market for many years, our company relies on many years of communication with customers to meet the production requirements and materials of metal decorative mesh. The selection has certain production experience, and we will carefully consider the products ordered by customers. For metal decorative mesh orders with hidden safety hazards or technical difficulties in installation, our company will recommend customers to change the design scheme, and customers can rest assured to cooperate with our company. As for the raw materials of metal decorative nets, our company guarantees to produce according to customer requirements, and strictly controls the wire diameter and raw material materials, and customers can order with confidence.


Post time: Jan-15-2020

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