Understanding Nichrome Wire Mesh

Nickel-chrome wire mesh is also known as nickel-chromium alloy wire mesh, nickel-chromium alloy wire mesh, nickel-chromium alloy wire mesh, and nickel-chromium alloy filter net. The main chemical composition of nickel-chromium wire is nickel and chromium, and the shape is silk, so it is called nickel-chromium wire. Nickel chromium wire is also called nickel chromium wire.

Nickel-chromium wire mesh has excellent elongation, compressive strength, surface finish, oxidation resistance, sulfur resistance, and permeability resistance. It has many repeated bending times, stable resistance and temperature coefficient, high surface load, light weight and reasonable price.
Nichrome wire mesh material specifications performance advantages
1. Nickel chromium wire mesh: ¢ 0.05 — ¢ 10 mm (other wire diameters, specifications can also be customized according to customer needs),

2. High-temperature strength nickel-chromium alloy has higher strength than iron-chromium-aluminum because of high-temperature strength, and is not easy to deform when used at high temperature

3. The nickel-chromium wire mesh has good plasticity after long-term use, and it will not become brittle after cooling down for a long time. Therefore, the use of nickel-chrome wire mesh is more reliable.
4.Ni-Cr screen material Cr20Ni80 Cr30Ni70 Cr15Ni60 Cr20Ni30 Cr20Ni35

5, nickel-chromium wire mesh is non-magnetic, which is more suitable for some appliances used at low temperatures. Iron-chromium-aluminum alloys need to be above 600 ° C to be non-magnetic.

6, better corrosion resistance nickel-chromium alloy is generally more corrosion-resistant than non-oxidized iron-chromium aluminum alloy.

7, nickel-chromium wire mesh 20-200 mesh, wire diameter: 0.1-2mm, width: 0.1-1.5 meters, length: 30 meters / roll

8: Nickel-chromium wire mesh spot: 10-mesh, 20-mesh, 40-mesh, 60-mesh, 80-mesh, 100-mesh, 200-mesh, etc. Ni-chrome-mesh special specifications can be customized.

Nickel-chromium wire mesh is widely used in aerospace, shipbuilding, military, electric power, seawater desalination, medical equipment, and other fields. It plays an important role in development.
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