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    Structural principle: The stainless steel wedge-shaped filter is a metal mesh-shaped structural element used for screening and filtering. It has strong strength, rigidity and load-bearing capacity, and can be made into a rigid screening and filtering device of various shapes

    Application range: Application in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, water treatment, environmental protection, food and light industry paper making industries.


    1. No blocking, the V-shaped screen strip forms a wedge-shaped gap, which is not easy to block.

    2. Automatic welding screen seam accuracy.zmkm-800_800 zmkm-800_800(1)

    3. It is easy to clean, and the surface objects can be removed by scraper-type back-blowing.

    4. Small pressure loss and high mechanical performance.

    5. Long service life and low maintenance cost.

    Material: 304,304L, 321,316L, 2205,904L, Hastelloy etc.

    Remarks: The small precision of the wedge filter produced can reach 20 microns, which is about 600 mesh. The small diameter can be 20mm, the large diameter can be 1000mm, and the length can be 3000mm. Can be customized according to customer requirements.

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