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    Iron wire fence net is a kind of safety fence made of iron wire (usually Q235 low carbon steel wire) for secondary processing. It is drawn from a wire rod into a thinner wire (cold-drawn wire), and then the wire is welded to form a large welding machine (which is what we commonly call a wire mesh). After the barbed wire fence is treated with various appearances, its product performance is greatly enhanced and the service life is longer. Surface treatment mainly adopts anti-corrosion treatment such as galvanizing, dipping and spraying. Make the product have good anti-aging, sun-proof, corrosion resistance and other characteristics. Its products are diverse in color and beautiful, and can reach differences with the local landscape based on the distribution of colors. The safety performance coefficient is high, and the anti-climbing ability is good. The mesh connection method adopts galvanized anti-theft screw connection, which effectively avoids man-made destructive disassembly, and the horizontal four-fold bending strengthens the ribs to significantly increase the strength of the mesh surface. Due to its excellent characteristics and cumbersome installations, it is widely used in the protection of highways, railways, airports, stadiums, prisons, etc. Next, we will introduce the construction methods, installation precautions, types, advantages, and transportation precautions of barbed wire fences. Let’s take a look!

        Construction method of barbed wire fence
    One. Process flow
    1. Installation of embedded parts
    a. Set-up and positioning;
    b. Drilling and chemical anchor installation;
    c. The rear steel plate is installed in place and tightened.
    2. Steel frame production and installation
    a, steel frame blanking, drilling, grinding and other processing;
    b. Shot blasting and rust removal treatment, brushing anti-rust paint;
    c. On-site installation, spot welding pre-fixed;
    d. Size review and adjustment;
    e. Full welding, welding slag removal, welding seam polished and smooth;
    f. Repaint the anti-rust paint.
    3. Barbed wire installation
    a. On-site lofting, providing wire mesh processing size;
    b. Adapters and connectors are pre-installed;
    c. The wire mesh is fixed on the adapter and the fixing piece.
    Two. Construction technology of each process
    (1) Measuring and setting out
    1. Review the baseline of the handover
    2. Put the standard line: Move the indoor elevation line to the construction surface on each floor and check it; before the embedded parts are installed, the deviation of the building balcony should be measured first, and the dry railing installation should be determined according to the measurement results. The base surface.
    3. Based on the standard line, place the grid line on the balcony beam according to the drawing and mark it.
    (2) Drilling and chemical anchor installation
    1. After positioning the grid according to the design grid size of the railing.
    2. After checking that the positioning is correct, drill holes and chemical anchor bolts at the post-installation steel plate according to the requirements of the drawings.
    (3) The rear steel plate is installed in place and tightened
    1. When installing the rear steel plate, measures should be taken to control its surface to be horizontal or vertical, and it is strictly forbidden to be crooked or inclined.
    2. Check whether the steel plate is installed firmly and the position is accurate. The position error of the steel plate installation should be reviewed according to the design requirements. When there is no clear design requirement, the elevation deviation of steel plate installation should not be greater than 10mm.
    (4) Cutting, drilling, grinding and other processing of steel frame
    1. When the steel frame is blanked, the cutting should be carried out in accordance with the design requirements, and the allowable deviation is about 5 mm.
    2. Before drilling the steel plate, it should be divided according to the design requirements, marked, and then drilled.
    3. The polished smoothness of the steel frame must meet the design and specification requirements, and the periphery should be smooth and round.
    (5) Shot blasting and rust removal treatment, brushing anti-rust paint
    Derusting the surface of the steel frame, the number of times of brushing with anti-rust paint must meet the design requirements.
    (6) On-site installation, spot welding pre-fixing, size review and adjustment
    In this step, the steel frame and the previously embedded steel plate should be spot welded and installed. Two people should operate, one holding the steel frame, and the other person underneath the size proofreading. Only when it is correct, can the spot welding be fixed. .
    (7) Full welding, welding slag removal, and welding seam polished and smooth
    1. When welding, the position of the transition piece must be aligned with the ink line.
    2. The transition pieces on both sides of the same horizontal position should be spot welded first and inspected.
    3. Spot weld the transition pieces in the middle and perform full welding after passing the inspection.
    (8) Barbed wire installation
    1. Before installing the barbed wire, the connectors should be pre-installed according to the design requirements.
    2. When installing the barbed wire, it should be in place, temporarily fixed, and then adjusted and fixed by pulling the wire.
    Barbed wire fence protection matters
    Finished protection of barbed wire fence
    1. In the process of processing and installation, special attention should be paid to handle with care and no bumps or scratches. The processed aluminum should be affixed with a protective film and label.
    2. Strengthen the protection of semi-finished products and finished products, keep in touch with the general contractor, and prevent the railings that have been installed from being scratched.
    3. The quality inspector and the safety officer work closely together to take measures to protect the semi-finished products and finished products.
    4. It is recommended that the general contractor install simple isolation railings near the installed railings to avoid intentional or unintentional damage to the wire mesh by construction personnel.
    5. Materials and semi-finished products should be stacked in accordance with regulations, safe and reliable, and special personnel should be arranged to keep them.
    Precautions for installation of barbed wire fence
    1. Foundation specification for barbed wire fence installation
    Foundation technical specifications
    In terms of the main installation, China guarantees a stable and full use value in terms of the overall width and thickness of the steel mesh from the foundation. It has become your more scientific and more stable material equipment. In the overall aspect, The foundation construction of the barbed wire fence should be kept within 15-30cm from the ground, which is a more important and stricter standard during the installation and use process.
    2. The fixing method of barbed wire fence mesh;
    Wire mesh fence mesh connection, fixed welding method
    Barbed wire fence mesh connection and fixed welding methods need to have a stable and comprehensive utilization value, and become the main fixing method. You can choose steel bar welding, screw fixing welding, or other types of welding methods, which are faster and more Stable promotion of barbed wire fence, full installation and use.
    3. Specification for barbed wire fence chassis column
    Chassis column welding method
    Since the current chassis welding is the more important method of fixing the barbed wire fence, and the comprehensive utilization method, it is necessary to have the corresponding operation technology method to use the substance more quickly and stably. At the same time, in actual use and production, it should also be developed and used faster and with higher value. The column specification standard requires the column to be embedded in the reinforced column concrete without affecting the screw fixation of the chassis. Generally speaking, for the various steel and concrete structural materials currently used, scientific and comprehensive utilization must be ensured. In the future, if you want to use barbed wire fences faster and more stably, you must choose more from these perspectives. Excellent, and use of materials with strong performance, science and efficiency, better and faster use of barbed wire fences.
    4. Use, repair and maintenance of climbing frame protection net:
    ⑴ The construction climbing frame protective net must be inspected once a week, and the debris must be cleaned up in time.
    ⑵After being impacted by a large load, the new net should be replaced or inspected in time to see if there is any serious deformation, wear, fracture, disconnection of the connecting part, etc., before it can be used again.
    ⑶ The strength test of the test rope shall be carried out every 3 months during use according to the regulations (or the test shall be carried out according to the instruction manual).

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