[Factory direct sales] New flat wire machine for steel wire paper / box chain rivets / resistance wire and clean ball wire, various metal wire flattening machines,

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  • Wire Flattening Machine: Our Wire Flattening Machine, which is mainly adequate for flattening various types of metal wire, such as carton chain riveting, resistance wire, cleaning ball wire, and so on. The roller of this machine is casted by high-speed steel or tungsten steel. So, the final product has high accuracy and good quality. And the flatten wire dia. can be up to 0.05mm. It guarantees the degree of wear-resistance and thermal expansion of the roller to measure up to standard. Just because of the special material of the roller, the surface finish quality and straightness of products is greatly improved. Using frequency conversion motor, makes the flattening speed of both thin and thick wire guaranteed, and meanwhile immensely cuts the cost of production. This kind of Wire Flattening Machine is an ideal investment of hardware and alloy manufacturers.
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